September 28, 2012

HTML5 Medical Viewer in LEADTOOLS 17.5 Enhanced by LEAD Technologies

Major enhancements to HTML5 Zero Footprint Medical Viewer in LEADTOOLS Version 17.5 have been released by LEAD Technology. This announcement from LEAD Technology enables it to keep the edge as a global leader in the imaging developer toolkit market, that provides programmers feature-rich tools to “image-enable” their software applications.

LEAD Technologies continues to lead the imaging developer toolkit market by providing new advanced imaging technologies for programmers worldwide. It pioneered the fastest software-only image compression technology. With 17.5 versions, LEAD Technologies won over the markets and has accomplished much over the past year. It now sets its gaze upon its latest version, 18, which it would soon release into the markets.

LEADTOOLS annual maintenance customers and registered v17.5 users get this upgrade for free. The upgrade incorporates several industry leading features including support for DICOM annotations-Cine and Waveform and Multi-cell Layouts, which easily make LEADTOOLS, fully featured and most sophisticated medical viewer on the market with zero footprint.

The addition of multiple cell and subcell layouts provides ease of use, striking visuals making it a more efficient workspace, which indeed is the highlight of the enhancement. Window leveling, image processing, annotations and more can be applied on a range of cells or to individual images. The utilization of compound graphic object and Softcopy Presentation State for loading and saving the annotations has improved the cross-compatibility of viewer’s annotations. The upgrade has support for additional image processing functions, drag and drop options, cine and waveform all of which enable an overall improved experience for the end-user.

Moe Daher, chairman and chief executive officer of LEAD Technologies said that LEADTOOLS has crushed the feature gap between desktop and mobile applications. He added, “By using the most advanced HTML5 and JavaScript techniques, we have achieved a robust and feature packed solution for developing zero footprint DICOM viewer applications.”

Daher feels that this is an extremely exciting prospect for their customers. He went on to add that few months ago, not many even dreamed about being able to do what its HTML5 DICOM Viewer can now provide for tablets, phones and desktops in a single application.

This newly released update comes with additional enhancements to its PDF Readers and Writers and Microsoft (News Alert) Office formats in addition to the new features for the HTML5 Medical Viewer.

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Edited by Rachel Ramsey


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