October 01, 2012

Eyepartner Launches Channel Manager HTML5 V1.0

Eyepartner recently unveiled its Channel Manager HTML5 5 V1.0, designed to enable users to publish video and audio into playlists simply by dragging and dropping selected content from a channel lineup. Leveraging this robust solution, users can now easily create unlimited scheduled programming which can be played back on their Roku set-top boxes and HTML5 compatible players such as the iPad and the iPhone (NewsAlert).

In a statement, Tim Green, chief technology officer of Eyepartner said, "Now anyone can be an ‘Over the Top’ IPTV (News Alert) operator while distributing scheduled programing worldwide. The Channel Manager HTML5 V1.0 makes it easy for users to start building their own television station with unlimited channels."

The seamless integration of Eyepartner and Level 3 CDN delivery has enabled the unlimited streaming functionality With Channel Manager HTML5 V1.0 in place, a number of customizable features in addition to the quick and easy dropping in of advertising placements are powered. Furthermore, the cropping editor tool included in the Channel Manager HTML5 V1.0 offering makes it easy for users to edit and customize the timeline, develop channels, and include of videos from other websites or from video-sharing sites.

Developed as a server-based H.264 streaming solution, this solution is not dependent on any proprietary hardware. Eyepartner designed the software to ensure easy management of content timelines while on-the-go and in real-time, making it easy for content producers to quickly absorb live breaking news or sponsored media spots anytime.

Further, users can manage any number of standard or high definition channels and playlists with Channel Manager HTML5 V1.0. These channels and playlists can then be transcoded for delivery to a wide number of device players and popular mobile devices.

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Edited by Jamie Epstein


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