October 04, 2012

Apica Upgrades WebPerformance Portal

Monitoring Web performance is a critical function for Web developers. They need to track the performance of their websites to understand the reasons for success or failure of their online venture. But tracking the performance of a website can be a tricky task if the right tools are not available.

Helping them in this task, Apica has introduced its improved Apica WebPerformance portal. Working with AppDynamics and Google (News Alert) Analytics, this new portal offers HTML5 support and also offers other advanced features such as real browser monitoring.

With reliable analytics offering insight into performance enhancement troubleshooting and proactive planning, the developers now get a controlled perspective of actual application and content delivery.

Apica WebPerformance is armed with reliable analytics capabilities that allow the customers to dig deep into to the code level. This unique ability provides them with a better knowledge about the capacity and scalability of their applications. This also allows them to take care of issues before they become problems and take measures to enhance the performance of their web site.

“Consumer demand for high-performing websites and applications is constantly increasing. Fast response times are no longer a luxury; they are expected,” said Sven Hammar, CEO of Apica. “Performance testing as part of the development process, not just after launch but prior to launch as well, is necessary to avoid problems that can cost businesses time, money, and poor brand reputation. We give businesses the power to optimize their web performance and identify issues before they impact customers.”

The company recently joined the HP Cloud partner ecosystem. This move by the company offers HP Cloud Services users the ability to enhance web and mobile applications introduced in the HP public cloud. By adding Apica’s suite of tools for HP Cloud Services, customers will get load testing and performance monitoring support.

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Edited by Rachel Ramsey


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