October 04, 2012

iBuildApp Gives Anyone a Chance to Become an App Developer

As everything continues to go virtual it’s important for businesses to keep up with the evolving technology. The latest trend right now is application development. It’s not enough to have a mobile-friendly site, now consumers want to be able to have non-stop access through push notifications and text messages, all which can be obtained through an application.

Although designing apps are the latest trend, many people think they need advanced programming skills or thousands of dollars to get a good application developed and available for consumer download. However, more and more companies are beginning to offer tools to help eliminate the cost, while producing a quality product. The latest on the market is a company called, iBuildApp, which says it can help anyone build an application within minutes.

“iBuildApp offers a publishing and tools platform for creating apps for Android (NewsAlert) devices and the iPhone or iPad. Depending on how ambitious you want to get, you can create an app from scratch,” said David Needle, writer for TabTimes.

Interested users can log on to the iBuildApp platform and use it to create, customize and manage their own application via an online application creation engine. This engine eliminates the need for coding, allowing users to build applications without requiring programming skills. The other nice thing is the company doesn’t charge for any basics. As developers build more advanced applications, they can purchase anything from templates to add-ons for dollars.

 “iBuildApp says its customers have already built over 60,000 mobile apps using its platform and iBuildApp-created apps are showcased on the company’s website,” said Needle.

The free app builder does allow for growth and development. For as little as $9.99 per month users can build their app advertisement-free. In addition, for $79 per month, businesses can have unlimited downloads – letting all of their consumers take full advantage of the application. iBuildApp has revolutionized app development giving all businesses a fighting chance to deploy their content in the app market.


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Edited by Brooke Neuman


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