October 09, 2012

Markets Pulse Launches iPad Compatible HTML5-Based Trading Platform

Market Pulse (NewsAlert) asserted that after analyzing valuable customer feedback and realizing an increase in usage of its own iPhone and Android applications, it has released a new iPad compatible HTML5-based trading platform.

The company claimed that it was the first ever company to launch a mobile native trading app for binary options and is now seeing an exponential rise in mobile binary option trading volume.

Shay Hamama, vice president of business development for Markets Pulse stated, “Since we launched our mobile platform, we have seen exponential growth in mobile trading volumes, to the point where it is now about 20 percent of the total volume. We believe that the addition of next generation tablet support will help our broker clients increase volumes even more, so we are delighted to launch this brand-new tablet trading solution.”

Markets Pulse is stated to be the only platform that provides tailor-made trading websites, according to the customers’ desired look and feel. Using the platform, one can control all of the trading definitions in the system, choose assets and define options schedules, view all trading activity on the site, manage risk and more. The platform is also designed to scale up to meet trading activity and supposedly blends Web engineering with a deep understanding of the financial markets.

With newly launched advanced tablet trading solution, customers have an option to trade on yet another device and further increase their profitability. The company is also hoping that the iPad compatible platform helps customers to enhance their trading capability and delivers even more earnings per trader.

Market Pulse explained that the support for HTML5 also allows traders on iPad and similar devices to use the charting function, while legacy browsers are still supported with Flash technology.

Edited by Brooke Neuman


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