October 11, 2012

Quark Announces HMTL5 Update to App Studio Platform

HMTL5 is becoming the programming language of the 21st century and companies after companies are trying to accommodate the demand for HTML5 apps by releasing software that is not only compatible but allows easy programming and development. In fact, most of the companies that are delving into the HTML5 app development field are some of the biggest and the baddest in the consumer technology field. Adobe has released its own developer kit and Intel has come up with its HTML5 development lab as well. Other companies that may not have as much cache as those bigwigs are jumping into the fray as well. Well-known digital publishing company Quark is the latest to get into the HTML5 fight with its own update to its App Studio.

Quark says its newest update to its app studio will include support for the cloud-based and HTML5-based development of apps for platforms such as the iPhone, iPad and Android (NewsAlert) devices such as the Kindle Fire HD. The company will be taking advantage of recent acquisition of firms like Pressrun and Mobile IQ by teaming it with its existing digital publishing technology in order to support HTML5 publishing. This new suite will be called Quark AVE Publishing and will continue to support existing App Studio users.

Shaun Barriball, vice president of Mobile Products for Quark, said in a recent statement that the intent of App Studio is to “remove the complexity around creating and delivering the best app experiences,while allowing content creators to employ their favorite design tools and to work within a cloud environment.”

Quark is looking to put together applications that are hybrids of Web-based apps that can run on any platform but need a server to function and native apps that are designed specifically for one particular platform. Hybrid apps run like a native app but have the versatility to run on multiple platforms. At the moment, HTML5 is the best way to achieve the goal of a high-quality hybrid application.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey


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