October 12, 2012

Samsung’s Bada OS Will Merge with HTML 5-based Tizen OS

Samsung Electronics is a global market giant with an important presence in the high-tech electronics and digital media market. Samsung is present in the cellphone field with devices like the Samsung Wave handsets; this is a slim touchscreen smartphone with the Samsung Wave 3 s8600 being the company’s latest version running Bada 2.0.

Up to today, the Wave featured the Bada OS, which is Samsung’s (NewsAlert) proprietary smartphone consisting of a platform with a kernel configurable architecture. The company has confirmed that it plans to merge this operating system with the Tizen OS – an open-source Linux Foundation software platform with HTML5’s robust capabilities developed by Samsung and Intel (News Alert).

This merge and partnership of the two applications, of which was rumored to be in the plans at the beginning of 2012, makes users think now that more Wave handsets are to come. It seemed for a while with no action had been taken that the merger would be forgotten leaving Google’s Android operating system and Windows phones, if not Apple’s (News Alert) iOS, for example, having unprecedented growth rates.

With Tizen OS, which allows developers a flexible and solid environment to create new applications, it may be put to good use by Samsung in developing a new Wave phone; hopefully, to be released soon.  This means, consumers can look forward to owning a Bada operating system, in parallel with Android (NewsAlert) OS and Windows Phone, if they want.

Wave consumers are likely to see the installment of the Tizen browser, which supports Flash, JavaScript, and HTML 5 technologies, on Samsungs’ Bada phones.

As clarified by JK Shin, Samsung chief, the announcement was made that the merge between Samsung’s Bada OS and the Tizen OS is now happening and that soon the new operating system will be available for customers alongside the standing Android and Windows Phone (NewsAlert) 8.

This confirmation by JK Shin is seen as an opportunity to have the option of an HTML5-based open-source partnered with the solid Samsung’s Bada to develop compatible applications and offer more to Samsung’s cell phone customers. Smartphone consumers should be happy about the Samsung Bada OS merging with the HTML 5-based Tizen OS as they will be able to enjoy a wider range of apps and services for Wave mobile devices.

The only doubt could be whether the new system will be as strong and efficient as the Android OS, iOS and Windows Phone 8 who have been on the market longer and have passed the test of extensive customer’s use.

As Samsung will offer this new choice to its customers, probably in the new line of Wave mobile devices, users will be able to tell if the fruit of this new OS partnership will be able to meet their expectations and effectively compete for a slice of the mobile OS pie.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey


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