October 16, 2012

Tech Rivals to Work Together on Development of HTML5

Sir Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web in 1989, today revealed the details of an upcoming project that tend to unite giant tech rivals, Google, Apple (News Alert) and Facebook to work together on the development of HTML5.

The projected site,, focuses on providing a common platform to the tech developers to keep updated about the latest changes in the Web platform.

 According to an online blog, “Great sites appear, covering one or two subjects, but too often fail to keep up with the rapid pace of changes to the Web platform. This may have been good enough when the Web was just simple HTML, basic CSS (NewsAlert), and maybe a little JavaScript, but that was a long time ago. Today’s Web is more than just documents, its applications and multimedia, and it’s changing at a breakneck pace.” 

The new site aims to serve as an “accurate reference guide,” with advanced and updated tutorials for every stage involved in client website design and development. It will also provide in-depth indicators for browser support and organic links to test certain specific features.

Every visitor to the website will have a unique API to access structured data for reusing, and can experiment and share codes. 

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The blog further says that the website will have resources for teachers to train students about critical skills. It will also provide important information, which you cannot get anywhere else, and it will be provided in one place for easy and better accessibility and understanding.

The ‘stewards’ of the website are some of the fierce tech rivals, who will unite together to develop HTML5 and provide important information to the visitors.

According to the blog, “The stewards, those organizations who have put so much into this so far, are going to keep putting people, content, money and effort into the site. But they are doing so as peers, with the same privileges available to anyone else who builds up trust and becomes a site admin.”

Here, Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Opera, Nokia, Mozilla (NewsAlert), HP and Abode will unite on the platform of At the same time, it will be headed by World Wide Web Consortium, Berners-Lee’s international community that works on latest Web standards.

The blog also revealed that the website is still in its alpha release version, and it does not provide important resources and information that it focuses to provide in future. “There is much to do, and we think that the best way to achieve our goal of comprehensive, up-to-date, and useful site is to enable the entire community to shape it, to meet our needs together,” says the blog.

With the notion of “release early, release often,” the site has been announced to be launched as early as possible, while “improving it in public with the web community.” Now, it is a matter to see how the tech rivals work together in developing an insightful and workable HTML5 platform for the upcoming website that can turn out to be effective for designers and developers.   

Edited by Braden Becker


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