October 17, 2012

HTML5 eCards for Corporations Launched by Progressive Media Group

A new line of HTML5 eCards have been launched for corporations by Progressive Media Group, Inc. Based on current industry trends, animated HTML5 Holiday eCards are Progressive Media Group’s strategic move to be future ready.

The new format based on HTML5 is the group’s attempt to embrace the latest in technology and to be ready to cater to anticipated demands for eCards during the forthcoming holiday season.

The number of people turning to mobile devices to pursue e-mail and other Web-based functions is increasing. With the increase of consumers on new mediums, the market of eCards is also anticipated to grow. There is a steadily growing demand for animated eCards that can run on iPads and iPhones.

Progressive Media Group, Inc. expects HTML5 to become the leading format among all of its corporate holiday eCards and is witnessing the demand for HTML5 eCards to grow steadily year after year.

Derek De Giovanni, director at Progressive Media Group Inc., says they have taken a great step toward developing eCards using HTML5 and are very happy with the outcome thus far. De Giovanni also added that with the increasing number of requests they have received for HTML5 eCards, they are delighted to now be able to offer a product that is comparable in quality to our other eCard lines.

The era of transition for rich media eCards is here. Modern browsers normally support HTML5 but there are a few browsers that do not support all its features that well. Adobe (NewsAlert) Flash, in comparison, is widely available and easily supported. De Giovanni informed that all of Progressive Media Group’s eCards have an HTML fall back page that ensures that the client’s messages get across, irrespective of the compatibility factor of the browsers.

The feedback about the fall back page enhancement has been very encouraging and their clients have welcomed it warmly.

Progressive Media Group, Inc. has been providing corporate holiday eCards since 2003. The Group has experienced steady growth over the years and the expectations are that the growth will continue as more and more businesses and organizations realize the benefits of using corporate eCards for conveying wishes and for other marketing initiatives.

Edited by Braden Becker


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