October 17, 2012 Leverages HTML5 for New Mobile Site

There is very little doubt that HTML5 is affecting the Internet and mobile devices in new and different ways every day. More and more companies are finding that making applications that work across a ton of different platforms thanks to HTML5 are the way to go if they want their products in as many hands as possible. 

Developer toolkits are popping up all over the Web to help people create apps that can help people play games, organize files and keep schedules all on different formats. 

Now, the Web’s leading social recipe site, is putting together its own HTML5-based site.

Cookeatshare’s mobile application will be accessible on iOS and Android (NewsAlert) thanks to its roots in HTML5, and will be completely free. The free part is a badge of honor for the social recipe network. 

The app also isn’t a downloadable application, but rather made to switch over to the mobile version of the immersive site the minute you visit it from your mobile device. says the mobile application is modeled after the mobile sites for Google (News Alert) and Twitter and will bring users all the functionality of the full site thanks to coding using HTML5.

"Most mobile cooking sites, like those from Allrecipes and Epicurious, don’t offer the features and functionality that mobile users have come to expect," founder Nancy Miyasaki said in a recent statement. "I wanted to be able to swipe through the recipes on CookEatShare, without having to go back and forth between search results and individual recipes. This makes it fast and fun to browse through CookEatShare recipes compared with results on other mobile cooking sites."

The mobile application allows for people to search for recipes of their favorite dishes. Users can also just browse through the more than 500,000 different recipes that others have uploaded to the site.

Over 50,000 professional chefs have posted recipes on the site to date.

Edited by Braden Becker


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