October 18, 2012

Everything You Want to Know About HTML5 at DevCon5

HTML5 is a collection of features, technologies and application programming interfaces (APIs) that bring the power of the desktop and the vibrancy of multimedia experience to the Web. HTML5 includes the fifth revision of the HTML markup language, CSS3 and a series of JavaScript APIs. Together, these technologies enable you to create complex applications that previously could be created only for desktop platforms.

The potential for HTML5 capabilities is endless. At DevCon5, TMC (NewsAlert) and Crossfire Media have partnered up to provide a conference with the information and tools needed to exploit these revolutionary capabilities. Attendees of the conference can expect an understanding of what is new in HTML5 and its interaction with JavaScript and CSS3, and frameworks being used to manage device OS and HTML5 interaction.

“HTML5 has removed a lot of middleware complexity that is making it compelling, but it is still cool to see what can be in a relatively short time,” explained Carl Ford (NewsAlert), co-founder and community developer of Crossfire Media. “Developers are going to see that they can probably build some cool things quickly. Particularly some of the graphics discussions including WebGL and RaphealJS are just amazing.”

Led by savvy HTML5 practitioners, the complete DevCon5 speaker list includes foremost authorities on development and its impact on the Web user experience. DevCon5 was created for Web developers, software architects, graphic artists and business executives. The DevCon5 conference program encompasses a multitrack program covering important topics related to HTML5 adoption, including development, app delivery and gaming.

Leading HTML5 developers, engineers and evangelists highlight the DevCon5 conference program. Speakers include Tyler Smith from appMobi (NewsAlert), John JT Thomas from Embarcadero, Andy Zmolek from Enterproid, Charles Mason from, Bill Wlkaer from Mozilla and many more. The list of speakers at the conference can be found here.

“We are a developers’ show but mostly for enterprise developers, so the complexity of managing within a legacy system is not lost in the show,” said Ford. “We are really looking at the distribution models that we are all facing. From App stores to enterprise configurations, we are looking at how the model for software distribution is exploding with opportunities.”

TMC and Crossfire have also teamed up with Google (News Alert) to host a special WebRTC Workshop and Application Demonstrations on Nov. 27.

“WebRTC is cool because the site becomes an end point for communication,” explained Ford. “In effect, every site can have its own Skype (News Alert)-like discussion within the domain of users.  So rather than the communication as an add-on, it’s a way to have an audio and video forum. Think of it like the sites you visit where they offer to chat with you. Now they can do voice video and even social dialogues as well. That is going to be very powerful.”

The conference will be held Nov. 27-29 in San Francisco. Keep an eye on the conference website for program updates as the date gets closer.

“People need to keep watching, my speakers and I are talking about session additions and add-ons and I’m still trying to represent the entire ecosystem, even the companies that claim that they don’t like HTML5 while acquiring companies that do,” said Ford.

Are you interested in learning more about HTML5? Then be sure to attend DEVCON5, in San Francisco, Calif. from November 27-29.  Stay in touch with everything happening at DevCon5: Follow us on Twitter.

Edited by Rich Steeves


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