October 22, 2012

Telerik Launches Integrated Cloud Environment for Web Developers

Software application provider Telerik has launched an Integrated Cloud Environment (ICE) called Icenium, which allows developers to build hybrid applications that can be installed for Android (NewsAlert) and iOS and distributed through their respective app stores.

“With Icenium, developers are no longer tethered to a place, nor are they beholden to a single platform – they are instead free to code on Mac OS X or Windows and target iOS or Android easily,” Telerik said in a statement.

The Waltham, Mass.-based company is focused on advancing mobile app development with an alternative that replaces the outmoded IDE approach and offers developers the most technologically advanced tools and modern coding environment, according to Doug Seven, executive vice president of Telerik.

“By harnessing the power and flexibility of the cloud, Icenium is helping developers successfully keep up with today’s rapidly evolving marketplace. It delivers unparalleled productivity and efficiency, letting developers focus on designing and coding great apps, rather than managing multiple environments,” Seven said. “Icenium is a game changing solution that gives developers the access and ability to innovate quickly and easily, without being tethered to a place or specific platform.”

As the number of platforms and mobile devices of varying shapes and sizes continue to grow exponentially, developers are challenged with managing multiple development environments. Icenium has decoupled the coding environment from the platform dependencies, therefore freeing developers to focus on innovation, instead of managing cumbersome, platform-specific development environments.

Icenium is designed to allow developers to use their existing HTML5, CSS and JavaScript skills to create and deploy hybrid applications that run natively on Apple iOS and Google (News Alert) Android mobile platforms.

“The Icenium development environment allowed us to take a client’s concept from idea to working hybrid mobile app in nine days. The best part was we leveraged our existing JavaScript and HTML5 skills, accessed native device features like the camera, and exceeded expectations by being able to deploy working versions to both iOS and Android. We’re going to be seeing a lot more Icenium in our mobile development efforts,” said Jeff Monteforte, CIO at Access Mobility, Inc.

Telerik touted the following features available within the Icenium environment:

  • Apache Cordova: allows developers to leverage their existing skills in HTML, CSS (NewsAlert) and JavaScript to build hybrid applications that run on multiple mobile device platforms.
  • Icenium LiveSync: lets developers review changes made in real-time across all connected devices without having to waste time recompiling for every change and for each device.
  • Icenium Device Simulator: enables developers to immediately see how apps look and behave across multiple device platforms and form factors before deploying to physical devices.
  • Icenium Ion: makes deploying and testing apps on any Apple (News Alert) iOS device easy, by eliminating the need for provisioning. Simply scan the project QR code and in seconds, the app is installed and running.
  • Kendo UI Mobile Integration: Telerik’s solution for web and mobile development, developers can leverage its adaptive rendering to target multiple phone and tablet platforms with a single UI codebase.

A subscription provides developers with the full toolset of Icenium Graphite, an installed version for PCs, and Icenium Mist, the browser-based version.

The toolset provides developers with syntax coloring and formatting, real-time error detection, refactoring, code navigation and integrated version control.

Edited by Braden Becker


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