October 23, 2012

Oracle Launches Mobile Application Development Framework

Technology giant Oracle (News Alert) is delivering a new option to developers of mobile applications. This week, the company is announcing the general availability of its Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF) Mobile, an extension of the Oracle Application Development Framework.

Part of Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle ADF Mobile is a HTML5 and Java-based framework that enables developers to easily build, deploy and extend enterprise applications for mobile environments, including iOS and Android (NewsAlert), from a single code base.

The goal is to allow developers to increase productivity, while protecting investments, by enabling code reuse through a flexible, open standards-based architecture.

Oracle ADF Mobile-based applications enable enterprises across industries to meet frequently changing mobile requirements by allowing developers to rapidly and visually develop applications once, and deploy to multiple devices and platforms, said the company, helping save time and money.

Developers can simplify their application infrastructure through a common platform that spans server, desktop and mobile applications, and secure mobile applications with end-to-end security and encryption.

"With Oracle ADF Mobile, developers can spend less time rewriting code and more time building the most advanced enterprise mobile applications," Chris Tonas, vice president of Application Development Tools for Oracle, said in a statement. "Oracle ADF Mobile is tightly integrated with the Oracle Fusion Middleware product portfolio, supports Oracle Fusion Applications, and can easily integrate non-Oracle-based applications. With a rich, visual and declarative programming model, Oracle ADF Mobile helps developers increase their productivity and deliver applications faster – you write applications once and deploy on multiple mobile platforms, including iOS and Android."

Accenture (News Alert) was one of the first companies to deploy the ADF Mobile solution.

"Our clients can use the Accenture Foundation Platform for Oracle to simplify and accelerate the extension of their Oracle applications to both the iOS and Android platforms, while addressing common challenges such as device management and security,” said Derek Steelberg, global managing director of Oracle business for Accenture.

Edited by Braden Becker


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