October 29, 2012

Oracle Releases ADF Mobile, Runs on Both iOS And Android Systems

Oracle (News Alert) has released Oracle ADF Mobile, which has the framework that enables and will encourage the development of hybrid applications for mobile devices. Oracle ADF Mobile uses Java and HTML5, and enables developers to develop a single cross device application that can be installed and run on both iOS and Android (NewsAlert) systems.

Java language has been used to develop the application logic. A lightweight Java VM is embedded with each application and one can develop business logic in the platform neutral language.

It is an exciting framework for UI developers who now have more options and can mix and match approaches. UI developers can now use other HTML 5 framework like JQuerty. They can now easily include content generated on remote servers like JSF content. They can provide a very comprehensive UI controls by using the declarative HTML5 components provided with the framework. The HTML5 components have all the normal input and layout controls. One can also add maps, charts and gauges.

Oracle ADF has a simple drag and drop interaction method to access device services such as SMS, camera, contacts and locations.It has JDBC and SQLite encryption to safeguard user’s data. It provides integrated security which works well with server back-end systems. The users can secure any or all of its features with a single log in page, it doesn’t matter that the user is using Local HTML, remote URLs or AMZ.

Oracle ADF Mobile has extended the Oracle ADF development experience from Web to mobile devices. Oracle is focusing on a declarative and visual development approach which is overall good news for developers. ADF developers can now use their own technique and can create mobile applications quickly as there is no need to learn another language or framework.

In ADF Mobile, a natively built ‘container’ is employed on each platform that hosts browser windows used to display application content. Java VM has been added to the container by Oracle as a natively built library for business logic.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey


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