October 29, 2012

Vyre Launches Newest Version of BAM Solution, On Brand 2.4

Vyre, the creator of user-friendly, ROI-focused MRM (Marketing Resource Management) and BAM (Brand Asset Management) solutions, has now launched On Brand 2.4 , its newest version of BAM. This new updated version has several new features that make the SaaS (News Alert)-based system more efficient and easier to use.

The On Brand solution was initially a tool that helped users manage digital content on their mobile devices.

The new brand management solution now has several new features to improve content management added to it by Unify, Vyre’s marketing automation solution product. Some of these new features are streamlining and UI enhancements advanced reporting, documentation, extra support for devices with HTML5 video such as mobile devices and tablets. It has also updated its help guides.

With an updated creative workflow module, users can now manage their projects more efficiently with greater ease with the updated module. The new module has more administrative rights for administrating projects and the revisions cam be carried out without a project manager’s approval, as his approval is no longer needed. Filtering by brand feature helps in adding users to projects. User profiles can be easily linked to project members. General efficiency updates are available for activity listing, viewing and filtering of projects, projecting overviews and brief management.

Like other versions of Vyre On Brand, the On Brand version 2.4 enables its users to configure reports and comment on the usage of digital assets and that report can easily be exported to other places, like Excel. Users can base their report around creative workflow projects with new updated On Brand 2.4 version and can choose what information they want displayed to others and to themselves. Creative workflow projects can now be filtered by activity, users, type, date and brand.

The updated version supports HTML5 and thus the users who use iOS and Android (NewsAlert) devices, such as smartphones and tablets, can now play video on all of the major Web browsers.

Managing brands is now easier with mutlibrand support. There are more options to choose from thus the new version offers more flexibility. The clients can choose a single brand On Brand solution, multibrand or tailored On Brand with customizations that suit their needs. With new enhancements, users can create sub-domains to be used and managed by both clients and partners. There is a facility of a sub-page, so the clients and products can have their own sub-page. Listing for individual brand users, sub-brands, articles, assets, taxonomy and permissions can be easily and easily created within the system.

A help site has also been added and content has been updated on On Brand’s site. The users can use it for assistance and for the queries and questions they may have. There are text guides and short videos on each area of the updated system.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey


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