November 01, 2012

Microsoft Now Ready and Rearing to Release the Next Generation HTML 5-Compliant Office Web Apps

Microsoft (News Alert) has wrapped up on the final touches on its HTML 5 Office Web Apps, which have stayed in the preview stage since July. The new Web apps are now available via Skydrive and and have designs that pay attention to the smallest details to help merge seamlessly with the final editions of the Internet Explorer 10, Windows 8 and iOS 6.

According to a blog post from Microsoft’s blogger, Amanda Lefebvre, the final release of Office Web Apps concentrates on adding edition and formatting controls, consistent co-authoring support and expanded device support. The gadget support bracket has now expanded to cover touch-friendly editing for the case of touch gadgets.

Office Web Apps goes live after a rigorous preview period that saw around 750,000 individual tests and comments. This astounding rate of use and steady flow of feedback from users was crucial in nudging designers in the right direction in the making of the final version of the improved and user-oriented Web apps.

Since its creation in 2010, Office Web Apps strive to ensure that the most common daily use Office tools are within user reach. All a user needs is a browser to access his or her documents while on the go and communicate or work with anyone without having to be bound to a specific machine.

This release of Web apps focuses on adding functionality to ensure that the apps are not an inferior substitute of what office can do but an exact extension of the same that allows you to work while on the move. For instance, the Word Web App allows users to view high definition graphics, images and layouts with a new support that allows viewing and adding of comments to the document. On the other hand, Excel Word App gives essential spreadsheet features like cell merging, context menus, auto-fit columns, high fidelity charts with 3-D support and formula assistance.

Other apps in the fully edited version of the HTML 5 five compliant Web Apps are the PowerPoint and OneNote Web apps. Businesses should, however, take note that the Monday role out is only viable for consumers. Office 365 customers will have to hold their horses until they get their version of the new Web apps as part of the SharePoint SU4 update due any day now.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey


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