November 02, 2012

Oracle ADF Mobile Now Available on iOS and Android Operating Systems

Without a doubt, mobile and HTML 5 platforms are on the move and their adoption is getting stronger each day. The Oracle ADF Mobile framework is an HTML 5, Java-based mobile development environment that supports both iOS and the Android (NewsAlert) operating systems.

HTML 5 has particularly gained traction among developers due to its ability to write one program that will subsequently run on all devices, and the introduction of the Oracle ADF is a step in that direction that will hopefully attract programmers and help them work using familiar technologies like JavaScript and CSS (NewsAlert).

The Oracle ADF is however, not built with the novice in mind. Explaining its firm establishment in the enterprise space, Oracle VP of Product Management, Bill Patasky, said that Oracle (News Alert) ADF can help enterprises integrate any website or Web application into mobile applications. The platform will also enable programmers to access native device services such as the cameras, GPS, contacts etc. with secure end-to-end security and encryption.

By leveraging the same concepts they are familiar with such as taskflow and data controls, ADF Mobile will hopefully help developers develop better apps and at a much faster rate. It will also make it possible to create hybrid applications that run on the device and are able to consume remote data if needed.

Additionally, the offering has its own set of user-defined preferences. Yet, it is still possible to apply a uniform style of user preferences to each application feature and also improve end-user experiences by grouping mobile application features by functionality. The integration of mobile device services with application features also make it possible to, say, place a call by clicking on a contact’s name for an application or update a mobile expense report by scanning a receipt.

As both the iOS and Android ecosystems continue to receive regular updates, we can expect the same for the Oracle ADF Mobile framework.

Edited by Jamie Epstein


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