November 05, 2012

Mobile App Development Platform Launches to US Higher Ed Institutions at No Cost

In a bid to enable organizations to rapidly design and deploy mobile apps in real-time to any device, has launched an initiative that will help students create enterprise-class apps. has been used successfully in Europe and the service has helped U.K. government agencies deploy apps to the public. has also decided to give Weejot accounts to all students using the service on any campus. Interested institutions are also free to evaluate the platform by requesting an invite code. All of this is aimed at building enthusiasm for app development and programming. uses HTML5, JavaScript, CSS (NewsAlert) and JQueryMobile together with the Weejot SDK to help developers create rich, engaging native-like apps using their own app templates. This makes it possible for even non-tech users to start building apps right away.

One of the latest institutions to move forward and get started with Weejot is Winston Salem State University. According to the CIO at Winston Salem, Justin McKenzie, the Weejot platform has already started to cause a stir in the education community due to its ease of use in building a mobile experience in minutes with real-time updates. He said it’s low cost with almost instant implementation will “save institutions thousands of dollars in mobile investment, not to mention time to market.”

According to the CEO of, Suraj Kika, Weejot has taken years searching for talented developers and this new initiative is expected to provide a real shot at offering real world skills and a service that can help shape students’ careers. He said that his company’s goal is to “build a nation of mobile web programmers and entrepreneurs.”

The Weejot for Education service is expected to launch on Nov. 6, 2012 in Denver, CO, at EDUCAUSE 2012, where attendees will get a chance to meet the team at booth 653.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey


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