November 05, 2012

Comguard Announces New WLAN Management Software Complete with HTML5 UI

As a WLAN network becomes all the more important for people to get online, companies around the world are finding new ways to bring high-quality WLAN technology right to them.

A Dubai-based company known as Comguard has announced a new customizable and easily configurable HTML5-based UI, as a component for its AirTight WiFiTM solution. This particular piece of software will allow different developers to change their WLAN management console to fit their particular business needs.

Comguard is one of the strongest companies in its field, with industry analysts at Gantner rating it as a “Strong Positive” in its latest marketscope. Factors on which Comguard was rated include customer experience, overall viability and marketing execution. 

Jayadevan K., senior vice president of Comguard, recently talked about what this new WLAN software means for the company.

“We are glad to launch a simplified WLAN Management powered by new UI from AirTight, which has received the highest rating of ‘Strong Positive’ by Gartner (News Alert),” he said in a recent statement. “The new solution will allow enterprises in the region to customize their dashboards, create location-based management and custom reporting with just a few clicks of a mouse from anywhere on the globe. These diagnostic tools large organizations to improve IT efficiency and shorten resolution time for WLAN performance issues."

AirTight has long been one of the top WLAN managers in the market, thanks in large part to a hierarchical location-based administration and management capabilities. The new UI will bring all that makes the old UI such top-of-the-line software. 

This particular UI is also considered one of the easiest interfaces in the market when it comes to WLAN management. The ability to easily adapt the UI to a company’s specific needs means the companies no longer have to employ a huge staff of IT professionals.

Edited by Braden Becker


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