November 09, 2012

JAM with Chrome is Google’s Latest in HTML5 Web Applications

Using HTML5-based features such as the Web Audio API and CSS3, Google (News Alert) Creative Lab is giving Chrome users the ability to start their own band.

The project is titled JAM with Chrome. The website provides players with nearly 20 instruments to choose from – including acoustic and electric guitars, five different drum kits and four separate keyboards. Once the site is loaded, users are prompted to pick an instrument and choose from easy or pro mode, the latter allowing players to use their keyboard to control their instrument of choice.

This is not the first time Google has dabbed into people’s “be a rock star” fantasy. The website has in the past created interactive music doodles, including a Moog Synthesizer in honor of Rober Moog’s 78th birthday and an eclectic guitar in remembrance of Les Paul.

“No matter what your level of talent – from daydreaming air guitarist to music pro – you can jam together in real time over the Web”, Google Creative Lab’s marketing manager Emma Turpin wrote in a blog post earlier today.

If the idea of being a one man band does not sound appealing, JAM with Chrome lets players invite up to three friends by clicking on the “invite a friend” button at the bottom of the screen. E-mail friends with a link to “your jam” or invite people via Facebook (NewsAlert), Google+ and Twitter.

The ability to record and share your creations is noticeably absent, however, the creators have said this is a precautionary step so as not to potentially offend rights holders. Another missing feature is the ability to use a tablet or smartphone to sync with the Web interface.

The website is experimental so that does mean that there are bugs and glitches to be found, including a noticeable lag when playing with multiple people. The idea is to show the potential of what can be done with HTML5 in Web-based applications, which JAM with Chrome does quite well.

Edited by Brooke Neuman


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