November 13, 2012

HTML5 Provides Challenges, Advantages for Developers, Says LongTail Video

Programmer Doug Crockford once stated that JavaScript would be the “new overlord” of the Web. In reality, it’s probably not quite that simple, as JavaScript presents many challenges to developers. Still, it does have the chance to overtake the Web and many companies are looking closely at the technology and the overall future of HTML5.

One such company is LongTail Video. In an exclusive interview with TMC (NewsAlert), the company’s tech lead, Pable Schklowsky, spoke about the challenges of JavaScript, as well as the future of HTML5 and the mobility market. Schklowsky will be speaking at theupcoming DevCon5 HTML5 developer and design conference in San Fransisco, California from November 27-29.

Schklowsky pointed out that development in JavaScript can present some challenges, such as the need for code optimization and the lack of strong typing. He also noted that pure JavaScript is unwieldy, necessitating a good deal of boilerplate. Schklowsky also mentioned that Web apps written for HTML5 require testing in all browsers, which significantly increases test resource requirements.

Still, Schklowsky sees JavaScript taking an overwhelming lead in Web applications. He foresees frameworks that will continue to develop as programmers work to refine them and predicts that eventually there will be one or two standardized frameworks.

As for the future of HTML5 and the mobile space, Schklowsky feels that the testing of HTML5 applications across Android devices is incredibly time consuming and needs to be addressed. He believes that Microsoft (News Alert) has the capability to provide a robust development environment, though he feels that RIM will struggle with this.

Speaking on the future of mobile devices, Schklowsky sees that booksellers like Amazon and Barnes & Noble are serving the tablet market with their e-reader devices. He also sees little difference between phone and tablet applications, citing only the way that users interact with the devices.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey


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