November 14, 2012

IGC’s Brava 7.1 for OpenText Content Server Features Document Merge and HTML5 Viewer

Nothing gets better for an enterprise when they’re able to view, annotate, redact and publish renditions of any file – including office and PDF documents, CAD drawings and image files – while leaving original files untouched just by leveraging a single piece of software.

Informative Graphics Corporation (IGC)’s Brava 7.1 is one such viewing and collaboration software solution, which can view, annotate, redact and publish any file format in a single, simple interface.

As a Web-based viewing and collaboration software for OpenText Content Server, Brava offers the features companies require, including text compare, threaded discussion and redaction.

Key features of the Brava document and image viewing software include support for virtually any format; efficient collaboration and markup tools, including threaded discussions; ability to publish to PDF, TIFF and secure CSF; ability to redact sensitive content; and ability to perform takeoff counts and find aggregate area totals.

As an OpenText Select Partner and with the specialization in viewing, collaboration and redaction technology, IGC incorporated new features and capabilities in to the latest Brava 7.1 for OpenText Content Server. These new features include the zero-footprint HTML5 client, the enhanced thumbnails module and the document merge feature, which together increase productivity and efficiency.

The Brava 7.1’s Enterprise HTML client facilitates users to securely view and collaborate on virtually any document, image or drawing.

Additionally, for ActiveX and Flash clients, the Brava 7.1’s zero-footprint, cross-platform client eliminates the need for a workstation installation or plug-ins.

With this feature, users can run the HTML5 viewer on most operating systems, including PC, Mac and Linux, by using browsers such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox and Chrome.

The Brava 7.1’s enhanced thumbnails module quickly gets pertinent information and a larger preview of a document before deciding to open it.

The thumbnail previews in the thumbnails module provide document information (metadata), summary text and thumbnail images of all pages. This feature comes in handy while displaying Brava-generated thumbnails in OpenText Content Server search results.

The document merge feature on Brava 7.1 for OpenText Content Server can merge any combination of file types all through a standard Web browser.

In general, the document merge feature on Brava 7.1 can stitch together multiple Content Server-housed documents into a single document, or create new documents by merging multiple documents, rearranging the page order and removing pages where needed.

The latest Brava also features Brava Changemark viewer, Brava 3D viewer, video markup, and shared cache for enhanced viewing performance, reduced server-side processing and additional failover.

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Edited by Braden Becker


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