November 14, 2012

Kendo UI Update Introduces Slew of Enterprise-Friendly Features

End-to-end provider of software application, lifecycle and content management solutions, Telerik, today released the latest version of Kendo UI. The update to this comprehensive framework for building websites and mobile apps with HTML5 and JavaScript adds highly interactive HTML5-based financial charts to Kendo UI DataViz (NewsAlert), while adding a number of out-of-the-box accessibility improvements in Kendo UI Web.

This release also introduces Java server-side wrappers, enabling Java developers to use familiar server-side programming to build modern sites which leverage Kendo UI’s client-side power and cross-browser HTML5 compatibility.

All of these improvements and addition help to make Kendo UI a more enterprise-friendly offering of HTML5 and JavaScript tools.

“This release is a milestone for enterprise developers interested in adopting HTML5,” said Todd Anglin, vice president, HTML5 Web and Mobile Tools at Telerik. “Never before has an HTML and JavaScript toolset done as much as Kendo UI to address the needs of enterprise developers. We’ve brought our expertise building developer tools to the huge community of Java enterprise developers, while simultaneously adding critical features that make HTML5 ready for enterprise projects.”

The addition of financial charts to Kendo UI DataViz in particular is a key update relevant to enterprise users. This allows developers to present complex financial data in interactive charts which can be easily zoomed, panned and otherwise manipulated on desktop computers as well as mobile devices.

This ability has been added to all previous Kendo UI DataViz chart types as well.

Another improvement of note to enterprise users is the introduction of beta server wrappers for Java developers. These wrappers help maximize productivity by leveraging existing server-side JSP programming to configure and interact with Kendo UI.

Considering Kendo UI recently released a global developer survey stating that the vast majority of developers regard HTML5 as important to their jobs, these Java wrappers are perfect to help enterprises prepare for this platform shift.

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Edited by Braden Becker


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