November 15, 2012

Kaazing, Dell and TIBCO Software Work Together to Deliver Dynamic Data to One Million Concurrent Users

Recently, a dealer of HTML 5 WebSocket technology, Kaazing (NewsAlert), announced that by utilizing Kaazing’s JMS Edition 3.5 platform, for the first time ever, a single Dell (News Alert) server rack can now support up to one million concurrent Web-connected users.

Capable of delivering near instant data, Kaazing is setting the first industry Web benchmark that provides real-time interaction. At an average speed of 3.5 milliseconds from publisher to client without sacrificing performance or the need for large amounts of hardware, Kaazing worked with Dell and TIBCO Software to deliver dynamic data to one million concurrent users.

Running on Dell PowerEdge R620 12th generation servers in a standard switched environment, Kaazing JMS Edition 3.5 platform in conjunction with TIBCO Enterprise Message Service version 6.3, can now support a higher number of users at speeds never before possible.

At the heart of today’s “Living Web”, while setting new standards that keep pace with the ever-growing user demand, Kaazing provides full-duplex communication and delivery of any data to any device anywhere on the Web. In order to set a new bar for a predictable, low latency, truly scalable Internet, Kaazing is designing a modern standards-based architecture, keeping in mind the exponential growth of Internet-connected mobile devices.

John Donnelly III, executive vice president of sales, Marketing & Business Development for Kaazing, stated that in order to help demonstrate the full power of its rack servers, Dell requested Kaazing to drive one message per second to one million users which then led up to 10 messages per second to the same one million users.

“With this achievement we like to say we’ve reached the ‘fastest million,’ being the first to market with an unprecedented capability, enabling Kaazing to deliver a truly interactive experience with real-time information,” he concluded.

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Edited by Brooke Neuman


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