November 15, 2012

LG Bringing HTML5 into its Interactive Hotelier Services

There’s very little doubt that HTML5 is one of those technologies that one company after another is going to find a use for in the near future.  The technology is simply too easy to use, adaptable to a host of different platforms.  

One of the newest markets that is beginning to notice the many different uses of HTML5 is the hospitality industry. LG Electronics (NewsAlert), one of the world’s leaders in what is known as guest-centric display and content delivery, is now integrating HTML5 into its market leading Pro: Centric licensee program.

This use of new HTML5 capabilities means the program will now be able to incorporate new features not available just using Java- and Flash-based applications. 

That is of course, one of the claims to fame for the HTML5 platform. More applications can actually do more and they can do them on more platforms, especially with the number of companies that are working on releasing HTML5 app studios.

HTML5 will make even more applications available to United States hotel owners and managers when it comes to deciding interactive guest services. Most of these applications will be placed on the LG line of LED TVs in the LT770H models. 

These televisions host programs such as Guest-Tek, LodgeNet and the Swisscom (NewsAlert) Hospitality Services platform.

"Adding HTML5 capability to the Pro:Centric platform has enabled LG’s hospitality customers in the U.S. to access a variety of unique IPTV (News Alert) applications already mainstream in the European hospitality industry," said LG’s Richard Lewis, senior vice president, research and technology at Zenith, the U.S. R&D subsidiary of LG Electronics. "Through these new development relationships, LG is delivering the widest choice of smart applications designed to provide an enhanced in-room experience for hotel guests, and increased ROI (return on investment) for property owners and operators."

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Edited by Braden Becker


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