November 26, 2012

Jaspersoft 5.0 Dumps Flash in Favor of HTML5-Based Visualization Engine

Earlier in November, Jaspersoft released version five of its reporting and analytics solution, which is said to bring significantly improved data analysis capabilities. A major part of this release is the software’s new visualization engine, which eschews Adobe (NewsAlert) Flash-based engine in favor of one built using HTML5.

Other major improvements introduced in Jaspersoft 5.0 include enhanced in-memory capabilities and a new data visualization tool. However, the new visualization engine’s ability to facilitate a more dynamic interaction with data sort of steals the show.

The new engine also allows charts to be interacted with and visualized on pretty much any device, making Jaspersoft 5.0 more mobile friendly than previous versions, since HTML5 is widely accepted by mobile devices, while Flash is seeing its mobile support dwindle. Of course, this also means that visualizations can be more easily embedded into other online applications.

Furthermore, its new HTML5 engine allows the software to shape data into bar, line, area, pie and column charts, among others, while allowing users to zoom from the initial summary information right down into the data itself.

Jaspersoft 5.0 also features an improved columnar in-memory engine, which caches results of queries in a server’s memory, allowing it to be retrieved very quickly on subsequent uses. Overall, this allows up to one terabyte of query data to be stored in memory.

"Capacity, performance and availability reporting of IT infrastructure is critical for our customers because it allows them to proactively resolve issues and to make key business decisions," said Ken Adamson, senior director of Product Management, Nimsoft Monitor at CA Technologies (NewsAlert), in a statement. "Jaspersoft 5 and its new visual interactivity will make our reporting easier to work with, provide new insight for our customers and make our product more engaging."

Jaspersoft 5.0 is a commercial edition of Jaspersoft’s open-source business intelligence software. A new version of the open-source software is also slated for release, but without the new visualization engine, data virtualization and in-memory query storage.

In September, the company announced its Hadoop Partner Ecosystem, which includes IBM (News Alert), Cloudera and HortonWorks. These companies will work together to combine Jaspersoft’s BI suite with the others’ Hadoop distributions.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey


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