November 26, 2012

HTML5 Game Utilizes Humanitarian-Based Gaming Platform

The HTML5 markup language introduces new features for making games, such as the canvas, video and audio elements. When HTML5 is combined with the other exciting Web technologies that make up the Open Web Platform, plugin-free gaming can be taken to a whole new level. HTML5 is set to become the foundation of the upcoming mobile gaming era. Although still in development, HTML5 has been progressing much faster than previously anticipated.

One example of the adoption of HTML5 for gaming is I CAN HELP THE WORLD, which announced the preview beta launch of its innovative HTML5 browser-based game. The game is the first of its kind to put children ages six to 12 at the helm of doing good through a humanitarian-based gaming platform. I CAN HELP THE WORLD donates 50 percent of its total revenue to its not-for-profit partners for a real-world impact.

I CAN HELP THE WORLD is a social enterprise with the mission to “help people help the world.” The company aims to make helping addictive and desirable by combining the sectors of entertainment, technology, social media, kids & family, philanthropy and not-for-profits through a revolutionary approach.

“We believe the greatest generation of helpers and givers is here, and a relational approach is essential in order to transform the facts about how to help the world into a passionate lifestyle of helping and giving,” says Lisa Masterson, founder and CEO of I CAN HELP THE WORLD, in a statement. “Helping is no longer a random act. We provide a platform for kids to get excited about helping the world, and we also provide the opportunity to turn that excitement into real-world impact 365 days a year.”

Image via PRWeb

Beginning today, players will be able to contribute to the world’s most pressing issues through altruistic gameplay efforts, while simultaneously building character attributes and having fun. The challenges within the game exist to ignite future generations of philanthropists and social entrepreneurs. Players will have a first-hand opportunity to learn how to resolve dilemmas of the world, and will also be empowered to become an asset in solving them.

HTML5 and WebGL components feature alluring ever-evolving 3D environments and captivating 3D characters.

Masterson adds, “DO GOODS are the characters we created. The powers they have, they supernaturally impart, to increase the power of giving and to expand your heart. Giving is the new getting, that’s what we say around here. We want players to know that helping is no longer random, it’s a lifestyle lived without fear.”

Edited by Brooke Neuman


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