November 26, 2012

HTML5 Still Considered Over-Hyped by Some Sector Watchers

HTML5 certainly has gotten a lot of attention, but it’s often still not ready to be used for enterprises, according to recent reports from industry watchers.

It’s clear there has been a lot of hype about HTML5. Renée James, senior vice president of Software and Services at Intel (News Alert), went as far as saying recently in a public statement, “We all agree it’s been very overhyped.”

Yet, Apps Tech News recently reported that HTML5 “continues to gather momentum.” The report warns that as “a reliable development tool for the enterprise it will not be ready for another 2-4 years.” Until then, the report describes HTML5 as a “work in progress” for the needs of enterprises.

Also, Gartner predicts that HTML5 will be considered “a mature technology” in five to 10 years.

Right now, consumers can find many benefits with HTML5 for content sharing and for displaying audio, images and video on a multi-channel platform, App Tech News said. But more needs to be done before enterprises fully embrace HTML5.

For example, when it comes to developing business applications in HTML5 an issue arises on the rendering of objects. Browsers provide different support/compatibility for HTML5, the report said.

“If you are to support the multiple versions of browsers for HTML5 deployment, then a plethora of patches will be required to make each different browser’s version compatible,” the article said. “Tests will … need to be conducted to ensure each patch works correctly.”

In addition, when it comes to communication, HTML5 requires that the context management system is managed by the developer. “This is why enterprise projects built on HTML5 don’t meet expectations; they tend to be over budget and over time as they take longer to deploy and incur greater risks,” Apps Tech News said.

Another issue relates to WebSockets. WebSockets provide for more interaction between a browser and a website. The WebSocket API will see a final HTML5 specification in 2014. It will likely need an HTTP upgrade, which most routers can’t support. Updates will be required.

However, one possible option is the Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP.) It can be used to develop mobile devices, and offers security, needed back-end data delivery and an appropriate application development cycle, Apps Tech News said.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey


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