December 04, 2012

PointRoll Acquires Rovion, Offers New HTML5 Ad Builder

PointRoll, a provider of digital marketing technology, has announced the acquisition of Rovion, a digital advertising company, and with it, the ability to create an HTML5 ad in minutes.

The application, Composer, will allow advertisers to quickly create ads, with or without video, without having to have any programming experience.

"As the ad industry continues to seek out ways to be more efficient and effective in the campaign development process, Composer will allow publishers, agencies and brands to develop and deliver interactive and engaging display executions, combine ad formats and functionality and simplify ad serving across desktop and mobile devices," said Oliver Knowlton, PointRoll CEO. "We are thrilled to add Composer to our OnPoint platform and are pleased to be offering this new capability to our customers and partners."

Using Composer allows creators to build ads in a fraction of the time conventional Web development software requires. Users can drag and drop elements to build sophisticated ads without Adobe (NewsAlert) Flash.

Since the ads use HTML5, they will work on a variety of desktop and mobile devices, including iOS devices, which famously excluded the popular Flash software that drives sites like YouTube (NewsAlert).

Composer allows users to incorporate social networking features, as well as collaborate easily with other people, including ad strategists, builders, approvers, publishers and even with members of the PointRoll team.

A few members of the Rovion leadership team will be joining the Gannett-owned PointRoll in new positions. Brian Goss is now the company’s new chief technical officer. David Arslanian, Rovion’s former CEO, is vice president of integration strategy, and David Simon is the new vice president of business development and client solutions.

"We’re pleased to welcome David, Brian and David to the PointRoll team," Knowlton said. "Each brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our company and we’re looking forward to their contributions." 

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Edited by Braden Becker


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