December 10, 2012

Snappii Updates Android, HTML5 Web Apps

Snappii has released some major upgrades to its Android (NewsAlert) and HTML 5 Web apps.

The company’s apps are created with the help of a WYSIWYG visual editor. Users can start from scratch or edit and customize one of numerous template apps the company has already created for just about every industry.

Users can see their app run on their Android or Apple (News Alert) device in minutes. Users who are utilizing Snappii 2.0 can now develop apps that make use of database(s) for iOS, as well as Android devices. The databases have the capacity to store any type of data including numbers, text, videos and pictures.

This information can be evaluated, edited and modified from the apps. To be able to share data with other users, databases can be stored on any device locally or be server based.

HTML5 Web apps also include various new features enable to make use of Snappii 2.0 in any browser from both devices and PCs.

“Marrying databases to apps enables our customers to create all kinds of mobile apps that work with live and dynamic data. This further distinguishes Snappii as a platform for creating enterprise grade mobile apps, but still not requiring any mobile programming skills,” said Alex Bakman, company founder and CEO.

Recently, the company expanded its mobile application platform which provides users the feature to create unlimited applications, obtain full features and functionality including Web services integration, new user training and the first app starter package, and premium phone support.

In the Snappii Live Build Preview app, available for both Android and iOS, Snappii provides numerous demo and live apps. Enterprise users can also make use of the Live Build Preview app to test apps on their tools, and share them with others.

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Edited by Rachel Ramsey


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