December 10, 2012

Odobo and Rabcat Partner to Embrace HTML5 Gaming

With technology advancements such as HTML5, gaming has come a long way from classics such as Frogger and Tetris. Content built using HTML5 can reach a much broader audience because HTML5 is supported by modern browsers on desktops, tablets and smartphones without requiring any plug-ins. HTML5 has ultimately allowed the browser to become a full-fledged gaming platform, offering features such as high-performance 2D and 3D graphics, offline asset storage, rich audio APIs and socket-based networking.

Odobo is an HTML5 games development program and platform for the regulated online gambling industry. Rabcat, one of Europe’s most experienced production houses that specializes in high-end art and animation production, visualization services and manufacturing of premium applications, recently announced a partnership with Odobo to publish games through HTML5.

Rabcat aims to create the world’s most exciting and innovative gambling applications. Its games include Cash Pot, Joker Wanter, Golden Nut, Panda Cash, Castle Builder, Cheery Star Minigame and Flaming Aces. The global online gambling industry is expected to surpass about $48 billion by 2015. Odobo’s development platform meets regulations and exceeds standards, offering built-in age verification and spending control mechanisms, top certification and testing for mathematical integrity and output of game logic and wide distribution of games.

“Joining the Odobo Game Developer Program (GDP) and being able to leverage its Game Development Kit (GDK) has allowed us to create dynamic HTML5 games for a great experience on any device,” said Florian Schmid, head of production at Rabcat, in a statement.

The company’s first production on the Odobo platform will be The Legend of Olympus, a game the Austrian Lottery, operator of Win2day, awarded “2011 Game of the Year.” It will appear as one of the first of many games for the Odobo marketplace, a B2B “app store” innovation from Odobo to simplify the procurement of games content by licensed online casino operators.

Odobo Play, the consumer-facing side of the Odobo marketplace, features detailed profiles for each game, the developers that produce them and the operators that distribute them. Game profiles can be treated as landing pages for prospective players; those players can then learn about the game and reach operators’ portals on an affiliate basis when they want to play.

Odobo CEO, Ashley Lang, commented, “The team at Rabcat was quick to recognize the migration of players from desktops to mobile devices for their entertainment and that HTML5 was key to reaching the widest segment of the gaming market. It has been a pleasure to work with Rabcat to bring Legend of Olympus to market in HTML5 on Odobo.”

Images via Odobo

Schmid added, “We are very excited to be working with Odobo to introduce The Legend of Olympus to more players, in more markets. We aim to have many more Odobo-ready games in the New Year, including the epic Castle Builder and Forsaken Kingdom.”

The rapid adoption of HTML5 gaming is leading to an increase in developers trying to make their way into the crowded market. PlayPhone (NewsAlert) is a cross-platform network and has recently added 20 new games to its mobile social gaming network. Social gaming community Tylted recently added 50 more games from 10 established developers on its HTML5 platform, including Slingo games.

“The advanced multimedia capabilities, streamlined coding and cross-platform compatibility of HTML5 allow us to offer greater in-game functionality and social integration across a wide variety of consumer platforms,” said executive vice president of Slingo Eric Lamendola, in a statement.

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Edited by Allison Boccamazzo


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