December 11, 2012

Denki Word Quest Provides New Quarrel from a New Angle

For those out there who haven’t had a chance to give Quarrel a try, a game that essentially combines a turn-based strategy game with Scrabble, it’s certainly worth it.

For those who already have, good news: the new game, Denki Word Quest, is not only now available for most browsers thanks to HTML5, but "inspired" by Quarrel. Looking at the two, it’s easy to see where the inspiration comes from.

Where Quarrel offered a more strategy-based approach, sending armies to conquer lands powered by words of various sizes and levels of pomposity, Denki Word Quest narrows the focus down to the lone wandering adventurer, who must roam the plains and valleys and suchlike, taking down monsters as he goes.

Rather he is powered by your ability to create words from an available pool of letters, much like Quarrel was and Scrabble beyond that. Word tiles each have a point value, so using certain letters will discover that they do a lot more damage than those who don’t.

Since it’s a browser-based game with a nice HTML5 backing, it’s fairly easy to try it out at no charge. But for those who want to step up to the full experience, there will not surprisingly be a charge involved.

The charge is pretty slim, and will come in your choice of currencies: 3 pounds sterling, 4 Euros, or $5 USD.

The game itself is surprisingly fun – I gave the trial version a crack earlier – and offers briskly-paced gameplay coupled with the fun of a word search. It certainly ranks among the most innovative in RPGs out there, and though it isn’t a multimillion-dollar production, it does have some fun and engaging gameplay along with some of the more basic action RPG elements. It’s got a lot of what made Quarrel exciting, but manages to improve on Quarrel by stepping up the pacing a bit.

Users will need to think up plenty of words in rapid succession, and will thankfully get in new tiles to replace those lost in previous words.

Those interested should of course give the free demo a try first to see if it’s their particular cup of tea before laying down the cash, but Denki Word Quest will likely find plenty of interested takers, especially among those who enjoyed Quarrel.

Edited by Braden Becker


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