December 17, 2012

Jilion’s SublimeVideo Horizon Launches New HTML5 Video Options

HTML5 is making a lot of changes to the Web as we know it, opening up several new possibilities and looking to make especially big changes in the mobile Web space. Jilion is looking to make its own inroads in the HTML5 space with SublimeVideo Horizon, which it officially launched last week. It’s already looking like it might well be a very big player by the time it’s all said and done.

The SublimeVideo Horizon system from Jilion is a framework specifically geared toward video publishers and major brands, giving them the opportunity to build their own player interfaces for their own videos. At the same time, it also works with the major video hosting sites like Vimeo (NewsAlert) and YouTube to help provide some extra viewership.

SublimeVideo has previously been seen in the HTML5 market space, offering up a plug-in Web player at no charge that allowed for HTML5 use, though also included a "fall back to Flash" option for those browsers that couldn’t handle HTML5. It later came out with a commercial version in March 2011, though it quickly reverted to freemium about eight months later in November once it became clear there were issues finding the right price. Freemium turned out to be a smart plan as sign-ups by a massive amount, and as of September 2012, SublimeVideo saw fully 70 million page views a month as opposed to the four million it saw last December.

With that success under its belt, Jilion then began to offer, essentially, two products, leaving its clearly popular freemium player in play but also bringing in what they call "SublimeVideo Tailor-made,” which offers up extras like custom logos added to the system. Additionally, since Jilion is offering up HTML5, that makes it something of a rarity in the market and gives it significant competitive advantage.

HTML5 in the video market has a serious opportunity on its hands to destabilize the already dynamic market and make itself a major part of the equation. HTML5 has already done some big things for gaming, and some even wonder if HTML5 might not one day overthrow the "app store" concept in general as mobile apps become more developed on HTML5, making them more Web apps rather than apps for a specific platform. With growing numbers of devices and platforms able to handle HTML5 video, it’s looking like HTML5 is going to be more a part of the landscape than ever.

While there are still issues to overcome–no browser, as yet, among the major names can handle both keyboard control and text tracks in HTML5 video, and several can handle neither–as the technology advances to keep up with the potential, the opportunities will steadily open up. HTML5 video is likely to be a major part of the landscape for some time to come, and Jilion’s HorizonVideo is equally likely to be a significant part of the forefront.

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Edited by Rachel Ramsey


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