December 31, 2012

devworx and RIM Announce Blackberry 10 Apps Challenge Contest

At one point in time, BlackBerry (News Alert) was the go-to device for many businesses and government organizations around the world. Since the introduction of the new line of smartphones though, the company has been playing catch-up with everyone from Apple (News Alert) to Samsung and not faring well. RIM, the company that created the BlackBerry, has a new phone it is going to release on January 30, 2013. This is seen as a “make or break” moment for the company as it tries to convince it enterprise customers to keep using its products. Along with the new release of the phone, devworx is issuing its developers in India a challenge to create the most apps for the device.

The Blackberry 10 (BB10) Apps Challenge, organized by RIM and devworx, is an opportunity to give developers a platform to showcase their talent and at the same time give them resources to improve their skills. The participants will win prizes from devworx and RIM as well as being listed in BlackBerry’s App World.

The contest will have categories in apps and games for the device. The app categories will include Best HTML5 App, Best Native App, Best AIR/ Flash App and Best Android (NewsAlert) Java App. The game categories will include Best HTML5 Game, Best Cascades Game, Best AIR/ Flash Game and Best Android Java Game.

Image via RapidBerry

The BB10 will use the HTML5 platform almost entirely and it has recently scored the highest scoring standard for HTML5. The Ringmark HTML5 test is designed by Facebook (NewsAlert) and passing it means the company can add advanced functionalities to the apps using HTML5.

Winners will receive prizes based on the amount of apps they turn in before the end of the contest on January 21, 2013. Vendors that submit two apps will receive a gift voucher worth about $20 and a three-month subscription to Digit. Submitting three to four apps gets a $45 voucher and a Cowon earphone and submitting five to nine apps will give a vendor a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. If more than 10 apps are turned in, they will receive the PlayBook and a BlackBerry Developer Alpha prototype device.

The best submission from the selected categories will get the prototype device, BlackBerry 7.1 Smartphone, the tablet and 1000 Jam rewards points along with BlackBerry World Marketing.

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Edited by Rachel Ramsey


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