January 11, 2013

QNX Debuts QNX CAR Platform 2.0

QNX Software Systems Limited has released its QNX CAR application platform 2.0 to the automotive community.

The QNX CAR application platform 2.0 currently supports set of pre-integrated technologies from QNX Software Systems, and from dozens of ecosystem partners. Its reference implementations and reskinable HMI allow development teams to rapidly create world-class infotainment systems.

This new application comes with a wide array of QNX technologies, such as the QNXNeutrino RTOS (shipped in the majority of 2011 infotainment systems), a powerful multimedia framework, a superior hands-free solution with HD stereo, HTML5-based HMI technology, and a direct development path from mobile to automotive.

In addition, this platform’s business model offers a low-risk path for building compelling, connected products that improve the bottom line. It reduces projects risks, improves the revenue-to-cost balance, and enables the rapid development of high-quality products.

"The era of multi-year design cycles in car infotainment is over; our customers now want to develop at the speed of mobility. Case in point: we helped one customer slash their development effort down to 14 months – a massive improvement over the industry standard of three years," said Andy Gryc, automotive product marketing manager, QNX Software Systems. "At the same time, our platform helps infotainment systems stay relevant long after they’ve been deployed, through an HTML5 framework that simplifies smartphone integration and that enables manufacturers to keep vehicles fresh with new apps and content."

Supporting this release, the company has introduced QNX CAR development platform 2.0, which offers a variety of tools to customers to create, modify, debug and test their custom versions of the QNX CAR application platform.

The company has also announced its plans to introduce HTML5 SDK for the QNX CAR application platform by mid-2013.

"For almost a year, automotive companies in the U.S., Germany, Japan, and China have been putting the QNX CAR application platform 2.0 through its paces. We’re thrilled to see the many next-generation designs that customers already started developing on the platform during the early access program," said Gryc.

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Edited by Braden Becker


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