January 14, 2013

Saber Solutions Releases MapAnything V 5.0 with Augmented Features

Saber Solutions, a provider of cloud-based applications, announced the release and availability of MapAnything Version 5.0 on’s (News Alert) AppExchange.

The MapAnything is a mapping and analytics tool native to Salesforce CRM software. It helps users to understand the relationships between Salesforce records by plotting standard and custom objects on an interactive map.

As a fully-integrated, mobile-ready mapping and analytics tool useful for understanding geographical relationships between records, MapAnything can not only plot multiple standard or custom Salesforce objects on a map, but can also provide: customizable tool tips and dynamic ranges and legends; and proximity based searching – to unlock the opportunities hidden within their data.

With the help of the latest version of MapAnything, users will be able to plot faster, analyze deeper, and discover the geographic insight hidden within their data by leveraging the new features, such as enhanced cross-object querying, Chatter integration, Heat Maps for Gold users, and more.

Apart from providing increased number of tool tips, the latest version of the tool, MapAnything V 5.0, features new faster maps as it incorporates the new Nokia (News Alert) HERE platform services offers HTML5 maps. The company is also planning to include other HERE platform features into the functionality of MapAnything, such as: Point of Interest (POI) engine, drive time functionality, advanced routing, clustering, and more, in future releases.

The MapAnything V 5.0 also features support for’s Group and Professional Editions, as well as the new Chatter integration for easier collaboration.

One of the key features incorporated into the latest version of MapAnything includes the enhanced cross-object query functionality. This feature facilitates users to experience increased analytical flexibility with their data. The tool can now support filtering on two separate child objects while simultaneously filtering on multiple parent objects.

In addition, the latest version also supports negative “cross-joins.” All these features provide users with more analytical flexibility and greater ease in leveraging their data.

Apart from featuring geo-marketing analytics and business intelligence, the MapAnything 5.0 now also supports user-based queries. This feature, along with corporate query feature, will enable users to streamline set-up of queries for large numbers of users.

MapAnything 5.0 also features an intuitive user interface for the scheduling processes of the batch Geo- Coder, which is capable of returning 2.5 Million latitude and longitude pairs per 24-hour period. The app also houses a measuring tool for checking distance between multiple points.

Gold users of MapAnything will now be able to access the heat map feature. With this feature, any query can be plotted as a heat map showing the concentration and density of object records.

With MapAnything 5.0 users can also add MapIt Button to any standard or custom object that is set up for mapping in the app. This button can be placed on the page layout’ of the objects, and will launch MapAnything in a new tab and plot the record and center the map on that marker, when selected.

Along with this release, a version of MapAnything for mobile is also included.

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