January 15, 2013 Launches AudiencePro Platform, a global mobile advertising network, announced the launch of AudiencePro, a platform that presents an opportunity for the entire mobile ecosystem, including telecom providers, advertisers, publishers and app developers.

This launch makes the first mobile ad network in the world to roll out an offering that combines its scale and audience with telcos to offer unprecedented audience-targeting opportunities to advertisers.

The AudiencePro platform combines the scale of its global mobile ad network with credible user data from telcos, to revolutionize how advertisers can reach their exact target audience across all mobile platforms.

The AudiencePro platform allows advertisers targeting based on demographics, spending power, network usage, location, content relevance and device specific data, to reach the audience. The AudiencePro platform will allow advertisers to reach mobile subscribers with relevant ads, displayed on multiple inventory sources across the network, including 20,000+ apps powered by its AppWrapper technology, thus enabling targeted advertising. The platform will support all creative formats like full screen ads, video and HTLM5 interactive ads.

The AppWrapper technology easily allows to add key functionality in just one click.

Also, Vserv signed up with Airtel (NewsAlert), telecom operator by subscriber base. Dippak Khurana, CEO & co-founder, stated, "The AudiencePro is the World’s first platform that brings together the power of mobile ad networks with credible user data from telcos, to enable unprecedented levels of audience targeting for advertisers. After the revolutionary AppWrapper monetization platform, this is our second game changing technology that will unlock tremendous value across the entire mobile ecosystem. Given our understanding and presence across emerging markets, we are already working towards rolling out the AudiencePro platform with partners across the globe."

While most mobile advertising solutions are limited to monetizing the existing "on-deck" portal / sms etc; this innovative AudiencePro platform allows to monetize subscribers even when they are using other apps and "off-deck" sites. It leverages the subscriber information, such as demographics, spending power, network usage etc to serve highly targeted and relevant advertising irrespective of whether the user is on-deck or off-deck.

Edited by Rich Steeves


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