January 21, 2013

Resco Unveils Mobile CRM HTML5 Technology Preview

The inundation of smartphones and tablet devices in the communications landscape has made mobile devices valuable business tools. Simultaneously, it has triggered innovation in other areas also and one of the game changers is mobile CRM.

Resco, a provider of mobile software solutions for Microsoft (News Alert) Dynamics CRM, has reportedly unveiled its mobile CRM HTML5 Technology Preview (TP), once again demonstrating that the company recognizes the value of new technology and how to turn it into innovation.

Although the user interface architecture of the Technology Preview app is based on the native app, it brings along immense visual effect possibilities and a salient feature of HTML5. The Technology Preview app functions in an offline mode, with entities Accounts and Contacts enabled.

“TP shows just how much technological progress means to Resco,” said Radomir Vozar, CEO at Resco, and added, “With this release, we are once again showcasing our perseverance in becoming the world leader in the mobile CRM.”

The company announced the HTML5 support via JavaScript Bridge in June 2012, and the release of the Technology Preview of its mobile CRM app based on HTML5 technology was the next logical step. Thus, Resco’s technology leadership comes to the forefront with the ability to extend mobile CRM by means of Web technologies.

TP, available for download on iOS platform, is considered a significant element in the development of Resco mobile CRM solution. It supports Windows 8; Android (NewsAlert), and iOS 5, 6 platforms.

Resco has big plans for H1 2013, when a version empowering HTML5 for all standard entities is slated for release followed by a full hybrid solution that will be published in H2 2013. The solution can be customized through the Woodford tool or by using a .NET (News Alert) based developer platform. It plans to license the full hybrid HTML5 CRM solution with the native solution.


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