January 21, 2013

Eyepartner and TikiLIVE’s New Set-Top Box Offers Top-Notch Streaming with HTML5

When it comes to streaming video, there are two main aspects of the experience to be considered at the user level. One is the content that appears on the system, and there are plenty of great sources for that.

The other, just as important, is the hardware that goes into the presentation of streaming video.

While there are a steadily growing number of available sources for that – smart TV systems, Internet-enabled components, even whole computers – one new model of set-top box is out to make a big name for itself, the existence of which Eyepartner announced earlier today.

The box in question, TikiLIVE’s new OTT Wi-Fi HLS Set Top Box (NewsAlert), uses a new kind of streaming system developed by Eyepartner that engages in under three seconds. This kind of reduction in delay keeps the flow of streaming video smooth so that users don’t notice breaks in the stream, which in turn has an impact on the overall user experience.

But the TikiLIVE box isn’t just about smooth streaming video, though that’s certainly a part of the equation. The TikiLIVE machine also offers an electronic programming guide (EPG) system that not only continuously updates, but updates with a huge array of content, including that provided by cable and satellite providers, as well as radio providers.

Users can search the EPG system for what they want to watch – or listen to – by type of program, name or by channel, and access these capabilities from a variety of input devices, from remotes to keyboards and even mouse controls.

All of that is great in its own right, but then throw in a layer of HTML5 such that customers don’t have to install a series of plug-ins to access multimedia content, and the result is a set-top box with incredible overall versatility.

Thanks to the included white-label interface from Eyepartner, the TikiLIVE boxes can be used in broadcasting content as well, streaming live, in full HD, from an interface that’s easy to use.

There’s a lot of value to be had in the TikiLIVE HTML5 OTT Wi-Fi HLS Set-Top Box, as content provider and user alike get separate benefits from their use. This allows the chance at better revenue for the user base and improved efficiency at the broadcaster level.

It’s a safe bet that plenty of broadcasters will be turning to TikiLIVE and Eyepartner for their needs in the coming weeks, and that should help reduce barriers to entry for those looking to get in, providing even more streaming content at the user level.

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