January 21, 2013

Kaazing and Ekito Create Mobile Social Art Application

With advancements in mobile technology, users have the opportunity to read, draw, paint and write from their cell phones. Now there are many painting, drawing and coloring mobile applications, some free of charge, available in the market that can be downloaded and used by art enthusiasts everywhere.

To enable users to display their creativity on the go, Kaazing (NewsAlert), and its France-based partner Ekito, an innovative IT and IS company serving all of Europe, have announced a mobile device-driven art application that turned festival participants into moving paintbrushes by collecting their movements through their smartphones and transmitting them in real time on a virtual canvas.

The composition can be seen both on the website (see the video below) and on a giant screen displayed at the Toulouse-Matabiau railway station, where viewers could follow the art project, live, as it was dynamically created.

Emmanuelle Mason, the artist behind the composition, relied on Kaazing and its French partner Ekito to make her vision a reality.

The Déambulations app is available for both iPhone (NewsAlert) and Android users, and attendees can download it to “draw” their movements on screen. The Kaazing-powered app instantly sent attendees movements to the Déambulations website, along with hundreds of thousands of attendee movements simultaneously during the festival, creating a gigantic, live crowd-sourced art project.

We are living in an era where art and technology can come together to create something greater than the sum of its parts,” Emmanuelle Mason said in a statement. “On this project, Kaazing’s real-time technology enabled us to explore the question of the private path in a common space – something that would not have been possible if the data wasn’t transferred in real time.”

"Toulouse was very pleased to experiment with a beautiful immersive experience through the Artistic project of Emmanuelle Mason, based on Kaazing’s real-time technology,” said Erwane Monthubert, Deputy Mayor of Toulouse, France. “The project lit up the Novela festival, and participants of the 4th annual festival were excited to be involved in a completely unique experience.

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