January 28, 2013

Mikogo Creates Innovative Way of Hosting Entire Computer System in the Cloud

Today, applications are increasingly moving to the cloud, which gives companies the freedom of shifting their processes to the cloud to enjoy accessing services from anywhere.

Recently, Mikogo, a provider of online meeting solutions, revealed the first- ever HTML5 Cloud Desktop, a solution capable of hosting an entire computer system in the cloud. Officials said that the new browser-based system enables users to access their very own computer in the cloud from any computer smartphone or tablet with a Web browser. Users can do this without requiring any software downloads or plug-in installations.

In a statement, Marcel Maron, Mikogo’s IT operations manager and pioneer behind the cloud Desktop, explained, “We developed the Mikogo Cloud Desktop, to give users the easiest way to access their very own computer system sitting in the cloud, which is completely managed by our IT professionals. This builds considerable value as it creates a warranty for company IT departments regarding performance, while saving time and money. You can give your workers access to core applications, such as CRM, project management systems, etc., and then they just log in and get to work on their own cloud computer.”

The Mikogo Cloud Desktop facilitates outsourcing work to contractors, remote workers and “Bring Your Own Device” scenarios. Without distributing a single piece of hardware, organizations can offer their remote contractors with all necessary software applications.

In related TMC (NewsAlert) news, Mikogo also recently released its new audio conferencing options complete with local landline numbers for over a dozen countries. This option of local numbers will add a key benefit to the company’s online meeting feature set with free audio conference calls.

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Edited by Allison Boccamazzo


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