February 04, 2013

Yahoo! JAPAN Enables Rich Media Ads on GyaO! Using MediaMind Technology

Yahoo! JAPAN is now able to develop and deliver rich and creative video and display advertisements on its GyaO! Subsidiary thanks to MediaMind’s ad serving technology platform for rich media ads.

GyaO! is Yahoo! JAPAN’s free run video distribution site. Both companies signed a partnership agreement late last year.

The deployment of MediaMind’s ad serving technology platform is the first in a series of deployments to be followed after the partnership between the two companies.

MediaMind from DG allows marketers to benefit from optimized management of online advertising campaigns while maximizing data driven advertising.

With MediaMind’s ad technology solutions, Yahoo! JAPAN will be able to effectively develop and deliver rich and creative video and display advertisements, so advertisers can leverage Internet advertising to its fullest possibilities.

Further MediaMind also offers its "Dwell" metrics to help measure the effectiveness of the rich media ads. Dwell is designed to measure and visualize the extent to which users are engaging with ads, including impressions of ads which users intentionally choose to engage and the length of time these users maintain engagement.

Ads with a high Dwell rating were about three times more likely to increase brand-related keyword searches and about 1.68 times more likely to increase site traffic compared to ads with a low Dwell rating.

A live test conducted on GyaO! in December 2012 found that that rich media ads had a 220-percent longer engagement duration as compared to traditional ads, proving that rich media ads can positively affect search behavior and traffic.

The digital Direct Response campaigns using its MediaMind Smart Versioning had a 59-percent higher post-click conversion rate compared to standard banner campaigns, according to the test.

For brand campaigns, the study revealed that Dwell rates were 20 percent higher in campaigns using Smart Versioning (SV), a dynamic creative optimization product, than those of standard banner campaign.

Edited by Braden Becker


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