February 04, 2013

Monster Encoder for HTML5 Hits the Market

Broadcasters can now reach out to the global market in no time using the latest version of Monster Encoder for HTML5 that encodes most mobile, television, phone and tablet devices.

Eyepartner, a software development and hosting company, has announced the availability of the HTML5 encoder that can convert almost any known video format into .mp4, .flv or .webm which can be easily streamed. The new Monster Encoder for HTML5 helps in converting all popular high-quality video types such as AVI, MOV, WMV, etc. into other formats for low-cost HTML5 encoding for easy streaming.

"Broadcasters looking for a live HTML5 audio/video encoder software for HTML5 are excited to discover Monster Encoder’s super-fast encoding capabilities," reports Tim Green, Chief Technology Officer of Eyepartner. "Monster Encoder accepts unlimited files and unlimited sizes of encoded movies. If you’re working with video these days, the Monster Encoder makes it drop-dead easy to manage multimedia content."

Developers are at ease because they get to create one video file from multiple video files with the grace of simplicity using Monster Encoder’s video-stitching feature. Encode while stitching as many videos as you desire – the user interface allows for frame accurate video stitching of all input formats.

Other interested features added allow users to double-pass encoding ensuring the highest quality of the finished video; conversion between common formats, or other formats upon request; no limitation on file size or video files that can be transcoded etc.

In addition, the Monster Encoder can be easily modified to meet the user’s needs, and has the ability to add Digital Rights Management (DRM) or a logo to the content.

Eyepartner’s server is engaged for all transcoding and this sever farm can handle an unlimited number of files so the process does not use any of the user’s technological resources. Monster Encoder is offered along with the Monster Uploader, which can be a great tool for users restarting the upload if there are internet connection issues. If the Uploader is stopped, then the user can resume uploading from where the connection cut out.

Edited by Carlos Olivera


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