February 04, 2013

Big Nerd Ranch Introduces its HTML5 Apps with jQuery Course

With the rapid growth of HTML5 technology, the app developers cannot just create their apps for one type of device. They have to cater to all devices to make sure that itreaches the maximum number of users possible.

For those who want to learn all about this new technology, Big Nerd Ranch investigator is introducing a course, jQuery course, a five-day HTML5 boot camp for the users in Atlanta-area and Netherlands Ranch locations.

Big Nerd Ranch even helps novice visionaries who have great ideas about apps, but do not know how to develop the required codes. The company associates with such people and helps them in realizing their dreams of developing a specific app.

The course helps developers expand their market with the help of JavaScript and HTML5, which are the technologies that are used to create apps that work on any device. The course will teach the fundamentals of JavaScript for those who are not yet familiar. It will also provide useful information about how browsers interpret the codes and how to write codes that work in tandem with the browsers.

“Front-end development can be challenging because there are so many frameworks to choose from,” says instructor Chris Aquino, lead software engineer at Big Nerd Ranch. “This course teaches web development from the ground up. Students will be able to choose which framework they’d like to use, if any, and they’ll be able to test, debug and maintain their code effectively. The class is especially relevant for developers with server-side programming experience and for designers with strong technical ability.”

Recently, the company also added its well known advanced iOS Programming to the list of courses it provides.

Edited by Ashley Caputo


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