February 04, 2013

LiveRail Introduces HTML5 Video RTB Platform

HTML5 technology allows the users to watch videos on various screens, such as PC, mobile, smartphones and etc and does not require any add-ons such as Flash and Silverlight. This facility allows companies to monetize their videos well across various platforms with technologies like LiveRail’s new Real-Time Bidding (RTB).

With the addition of HTML5, LiveRail’s Video-RTB product suite will now have the ability to explore more avenues to monetize videos. Since users need multi-screen distribution to attract more audience, publishers often struggle to achieve uniform monetization across various platforms.

The consumption of HTML5 video is rapidly increasing. This means more and more people are watching videos on their mobile screens. For service providers, this is a trend to keep in mind, as they need to monetize these platforms to earn more revenues and stay profitable.

According to the company, its HTML5-enabled RTB platform is the only native VPAID standard compliant now available in the market. Also, adding RTB to HTML5 allows users to add video to any type of device, thereby expanding their reach and attracting more customers.

“We’re incredibly proud to be unveiling the first RTB solution for HTML5 Video," said Mark Trefgarne, co-Founder and CEO, LiveRail. "This opens up new opportunities for publishers to develop compelling monetization strategies, increase content distribution and revenue-generation. The ability for publishers to successfully monetize their viewers on mobile devices is critical. RTB helps publishers maximize the value of every single stream, auctioning their viewer streams to advertisers in real-time helping to drive higher fill rates and CPMs.”

Recently, the company introduced Checkpoint, a tool that allows users to control the ads that appear on their video pages.

Edited by Ashley Caputo


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