February 11, 2013

Microsoft Getting Ready to Patch Security Vulnerabilities

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer has lost quite a bit of ground to competitors like Mozilla Firefox and Google (News Alert) Chrome. The news that IE 10 is apparently quite vulnerable to some serious attacks is just another kick in the pants.

The company, which has worked hard to get IE to get back in the fight, says it is releasing some serious security updates that will protect users against those vulnerabilities. 

Among the features Internet Explorer offers is better integration with HTML5, and the company hoped that kind of integration would give it a leg up in the browser wars.

Internet Explorer 10 is not the only version of IE having some problems. In all, Microsoft (News Alert) will be releasing 12 different security updates built to patch 57 different vulnerabilities. Some of the issues have been labeled as “critical,” which means they’re at the top of the list as far as their need to be addressed.

Five in all will be marked as critical, while the others will be considered “important.”

Microsoft did not say when it first found out about the vulnerabilities, but it seems as if there have been more attacks on some of the world’s most well-known Internet companies of late. Among the updates and the patches that are being released is some new support for HTML5, which seems to show that Microsoft really does have big plans for the technology.

HTML5 is a technology for which more and more tech companies are finding use, simply because the use of the programming language is universal. Firms like Microsoft are looking to use HTML5 in their browsers more often, and there are certainly reasons why Microsoft especially would want to use HTML5 as much as possible.

The famous developer has devices that cover a gamut of devices, between its video game console, its Surface tablets and the Microsoft Windows Phone (NewsAlert).

Edited by Braden Becker


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