February 11, 2013’s New Flipbook Creator Version 3.8.5 Improved with New Features recently announced the introduction of its Flipbook Creator Version 3.8.5. The company has also included a number of new features in the new product.

In a statement, Jason Chen said that, “Our new Flipbook Creator Version 3.8.5 can create flipping books with a better visual effect more quickly and easily, and help people to improve their working efficiency greatly.”

Flipbook Creator Version 3.8.5 includes capabilities which make it easy for selecting an animated assistant for telling a story as soon as the user has decided what to say. The product allows users to create audio by using the built-in speech engine or they can easily import their own recorded audio. Additionally, the user can use different audio for different pages.

FlipBook Creator also allows users to create HTML5 compatible PDF to flash page flip books even for those mobile devices which do not support Flash (such as Apple iPad and iPhone (NewsAlert) and Android)

The new product offers easy management of digital flip books for users via the company’s online service. offers users five bonus points for the first time that they access the service if they are using the new flipbook software. These points can be redeemed for publishing a book and displaying it on the book shelf. Users are required to register with an email address to create an account.

Now users have the option of select from a number of output formats. They can convert a flip book to a format for web publishing or they can opt for a standalone format supported on Windows (.exe) or Mac (.APP). A user can also select .zip output for emailing a flip book. Additionally, users can even distribute a flip book over social networks. has designed its website to be a multi-lingual sale platform capable of offering users improved experiences. Furthermore, the company has enhanced its product line with a new flip book maker which allows easy identification of the software for greater customer ease.

Edited by Carlos Olivera


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