February 11, 2013

LeftsnRights’ Ad Delivery Solution Now Supports Windows 8 Responsive Environment

LeftsnRights, Inc recently announced that its Liqwid Ad Platform, advanced advertising delivery platform, will now fully support the Windows 8 responsive environment. Liqwid technology offers users one responsive Liqwid ad unit suitable for any ad size and location over all Windows 8 OS devices.

In a statement, Sarah Prater, Director of Business Development, said that, “There are challenges and opportunities with the Windows 8 responsive content environment. Responsive content demands a responsive ad format that adapts to fit any size on any screen. We believe our Liqwid Ad Technology platform bridges the gap between old ad standards and the realities of new devices. Our Liqwid ads run on Windows 8 and are fully responsive to dynamically changing ad sizes and locations. Windows 8 brings new and premium advertising inventory within apps and responsive websites that will provide incremental revenue and opportunities to developers, publishers, and advertisers. Only responsive ad units will be able to provide this value.”

Liqwid technology leverages HTML5 responsive functionality to ensure that all kinds of content including text, images, video, social media and games, e-commerce, or apps are reactive and can easily be fixed within a fixed or dynamic space.

Carolyn Phillips, CEO Tahoe Social said that, “Liqwid ads are completely search engine friendly and since they are web pages that we can host, we have complete control. We know that the same ad unit looks great on a laptop or on any mobile device. Liqwid ads put our advertisers ahead of the curve, on the cutting edge instead of riding the dinosaur.”

Additionally, Liqwid’s Viewer Directed Placement methodology can improve advertising management and effectiveness with the inclusion of TV-like scheduling and prime-time targeting functionality. And because the technology deploys local dayparting management, ad deliveries can be local ‘time of day’ based as opposed to server time based. By allowing the use of HTML5, publishers, agencies, and advertisers will now be able to design ad spaces and ad content creatively without having to worry about restrictions such as standard sizes or fixed formats.

Edited by Carlos Olivera


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