February 11, 2013

IDG Consumer & SMB’s Redesigned Websites Boost Ad Performance`

Not too long after unveiling redesigned websites for PCWorld and Macworld, along with a new website for TechHive, IDG Consumer & SMB’s redesigned websites incorporated with HTML5 have experienced a huge enhancement in click-through rates with high-impact ad placements. In general, as compared to the average click-through rates or CTRs produced before the redesign, the CTRs for the current ad placements offer an increase of nearly 80 percent.

As compared to the industry standards, the performance of IDG Consumer & SMB’s sites is commendable. While the tech industry average CTR is 0.11%, ad units planned as run-of-site are offering an average CTR of 0.38%. Apart from improved click performance, all three sites boasted enhanced content and user marking.

In a statement, Brian Gleason, Chief Revenue Officer, IDG Consumer & SMB said, “We’re very pleased with these metrics. We focused our redesign efforts on giving users visually-rich and intuitive websites that work across devices. We also wanted to make sure our advertising partners had a prominent place among our content. We’ve hit the mark for both readers and marketers.”

The modified layout of the homepage is the major alteration on the three well-liked tech news and reviews sites. A huge, visually impactful feature window known as the “Content Hero” is available on the main page of all three sites. This window is used by the editors to present the major stories on a daily basis. Marketers are offered a chance of taking over the hero unit for a day by the SMB advertising team. A custom-designed “Hero” ad element will display the message from the advertiser. This element will be visible over the editorial content for the initial eight seconds of the user’s visit.

The Homepage Hero package was selected by Agency PJA in order to impress on their clients’ prospects. Peggy Groppo, Media Account Director, Agency PJA said, “We love the ability to be front and center for PCWorld visitors. The new hero unit is visually impactful and offers a bigger canvas to showcase features and design. Coupled with additional homepage units, our campaigns with the new homepage sponsorship have shown great results.”

Edited by Carlos Olivera


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