February 11, 2013

Saltus Technologies’ digiTICKET Leverages Motorola Solutions’ RhoMobile Suite

Saltus Technologies has unveiled digiTICKET eCitation especially for public safety agencies. For the first time, the public safety application, digiTICKET advantageously uses the RhoMobile cross-platform development environment from Motorola Solution. The eCitation offering is compatible with Android (NewsAlert), iOS, and Windows-based operating systems.

Public safety agencies using digiTICKET can now select a combination of hardware and operating system solutions like Android tablets or their preferred devices like the Motorola (News Alert) ET1 Tablet. Law enforcement workers are offered innovative choices for implementing electronic citations to transportable, all-in-one devices, with the RhoMobile suite comprising of the robust HTML5 cross-platform development environment, thereby substituting static terminals and specific handhelds.

In a statement, Eric Fultz, President and CEO of Saltus Technologies said, “digiTICKET has advanced significantly in capabilities over the past several years. We continue to focus on the needs of our customers, and understand that Public Safety agencies need more choices; in procurement options, price and mobile device capabilities. With RhoMobile, digiTICKET customers will now have choices offered by no other eCitation vendor.”

With the decrease in revenue proceeds from tax collections, the budgets set for local and state agencies are also reduced. Agencies can now recover the misplaced proceeds using digiTICKET which eliminates human error and discharged tickets from the ticket writing process. digiTICKET can also assist in getting rid of errors resulting from unreadable handwriting. The expense of present eCitation solutions is also decreased as agencies can choose their own mobile device to work with digiTICKET.

Police officers can now utilize any mobile devices with digiTICKET. The device can work as a ticket writer for scanning a bar code on a driving license. The mobile device can also be used to produce traffic, parking or code implementation citations in a rapid manner.

Leo Greeley (NewsAlert), Senior Director, Enterprise Software & Solutions at Motorola Solutions said, “We are excited that RhoMobile is helping Saltus bring its first cross-platform public safety application to market quickly. We are pleased that the enterprise capabilities inherent in RhoElements support the demanding needs of road side eCitation by law enforcement personnel.”

Saltus is presently showcasing a pre-release RhoMobile version of digiTICKET. The formal launch has been tentatively scheduled for second quarter of 2013.

Edited by Carlos Olivera


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